Custom Advantage

  • Visit to Nutritionist
  • 5-60 minute Commute
  • 2+ hours Consult time
  • $300 + products
  • 6+ months (average wait time)
  • Professional advice
  • My Custom Program
  • Your nearest computer
  • 10-15 minute questionnaire
  • $195
  • Right now
  • Professional advice


What makes our program more effective is targeting the whole body and using potent, proven ingredients based on what you specifically need while providing customized nutrition and healthier choices for you.

With our targeted questions, we are able to see which organs and which metabolic pathways are not performing optimally. Then we focus our efforts, using specific botanicals, vitamins and minerals, to optimize where you need it most.
But that is not all. This is only the beginning.

To really make your plan complete and comprehensive, we also create a personal food plan that will optimize your results.

Do you ever wonder how a 200-pound man and a 120-pound woman, (with completely different goals), follow the exact same food plan, on a cleanse? Yes, we do too!

Many of the better plans on the market remove heavy and hard-to-digest foods like gluten, dairy, and sugar -- this is called an elimination diet. We completely agree that taking these foods out of your diet is important.

With our experience in custom nutrition, we use the “standard elimination diet” and then create a detailed plan, just for you


We give you the specifics best for you
  • How to time meals properly based on your life and schedule
  • Ideal combinations at various times of day
  • Portion sizes based on your metabolic rate
  • Recipes and ideas to make it simple and fun

Combining this with our targeted nutrient recommendations will give you the most comprehensive and personal program available.
And the best part? Save yourself time and money!


Give us 10 minutes... And we will give you your best plan

There are many different types of programs. Some are effective... And some just an outright waste of money.

So we’re going to give you a quick breakdown that will help you to understand the other choices—

Custom VS Fad Diets
  • Fad diets can help you to lose weight and rejuvenate your body.
  • The only problem is, diets ignore our bodies’ natural tendencies!
  • And all too often, you end up gaining the weight back—and then some—leaving you worse off than you started.
  • Because what works for one person may not necessarily work for everyone.
  • Our program is super effective for everyone because it’s tailored specifically for you!
Custom VS Targeted Cleanses
  • Because many programs focus only on a specific organ like the colon, gallbladder, or liver, they can be effective in cleansing one organ at a time.
  • But they only solve one piece of the puzzle.
  • Think about it: When you brush your teeth, would you only brush the ones on top?
Custom VS Colon Cleanses
  • In general, colon cleansing is very beneficial, but works best only when you know exactly what you are dealing with.
  • These cleanses can also sometimes use harsh, single purpose ingredients that do not focus at all on nutrition!
  • So be wary of harsh colon cleanses on the market that can do more harm than good.
  • If dysbiosis exists (overgrowth of bacteria or yeast [candida]) a cleanse is designed to work against those specific microbes and yeasts.
  • So it’s very important to follow colon cleansing with probiotics to replete the good intestinal bacteria essential for healthy digestive function.
  • If a general cleanse is used, you run the risk of destroying these bacteria and experiencing unintended side effects.
  • Finally, some colon cleanses also contain harsh ingredients that can cause intestinal irritation and keep you in the bathroom all day long. While it is good to “clean the pipes,” you don’t want to irritate the body in the process.
Custom VS Liver Cleanses
  • These supplements sometimes work...
  • But they do not change your diet!
  • They focus on the liver and consist of only taking pills throughout the day.
  • Unfortunately, if you do not adjust what you eat for the duration of the cleanse, the pills will not be effective, and you will not notice any changes to your health.
The Master Cleanse and Juice Cleansing
  • These have become popular in recent years, and while they do show benefits, such as weight loss and mental clarity, we found these cleanses do not sustain long-term effects.
  • Usually, the program lasts for only three to five days—this is not nearly enough time to thoroughly remove most toxins.
  • And any weight that is lost usually comes back, because people typically reverts to their former lifestyles and eating habits.
  • This time period days is simply not enough to stop cravings, and fasting or only drinking a juice does not foster good eating habits you can maintain after the cleanse.
  • It can also be counterproductive to fast for too long.