What foods do I need to avoid on the program?

The foods that need to be avoided are gluten which is found in wheat, rye and barley, dairy, alcohol, corn, soy, sugar and coffee. There are many options of delicious food to enjoy however. You can eat protein such as chicken turkey lean beef and fish, all fruits and vegetables, various grains such as brown rice, quinoa, millet and amaranth as well as healthy fats like nuts seeds and avocados. Each plan is custom designed with amounts and combinations of the different allowed foods based on your individual body.

Will I be hungry?

My Custom Program is designed by nutritionists and because you are cleansing properly, we promise you will not be hungry. We design each plan based on the calories your body needs and make sure you're eating frequently throughout the day. Hunger is never an issue on our plans.

My goal is to lose weight, will this help?

Absolutely! When you take our detailed questionnaire we go over your goals and if weight loss is one of them as it is for many of our clients, our plan is customized specifically for that purpose. Furthermore because we do it correctly you will lose weight properly and in a healthy way which will help you to maintain the results even after the cleanse is done.

What if I'm not trying to lose weight because I don't weigh enough, will I lose weight?

Absolutely not! Our detailed questionnaire is designed to get to know you and your goals and base the plan specifically for those goals. If you have trouble keeping weight on, we will devise a plan to help build muscle and promote healthy weight so you will not lose weight if it's not necessary.

I have digestive issues, can this help?

The custom program is very helpful for your digestion because it is customized to your needs. Your answers to our questions will help us identify which areas of your digestion need support so that we can put together the appropriate combination of nutrients and foods to help. Furthermore, many highly allergenic and hard to digest foods are removed for the 14 day duration to help take the burden off your digestion while you cleanse, tone and soothe your GI tract. This break helps your body re-boot and also allows you to see how these foods were affecting you.

I am always tired, can this help?

We don't like to make complete guarantees, but most likely, YES! Toxins, food sensitivities, blood sugar imbalance, improper nutrition and nutrient deficiencies play a huge role in energy levels. Your cleanse will be designed to address all of these things individually to promote optimal energy levels.

I have never done a meal and supplement routine before, will it be hard for me?

Doing something healthy for yourself should not feel like hard work. Your custom program is designed to help you feel your best no matter if you are a novice. While there are some food restrictions, the list of allowed foods is large and includes things such as chicken, turkey, lean beef, grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet, beans, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. You can also use natural sweeteners such as stevia and xylitol if you have a sweet tooth. We structure your plan based on your schedule and give you exact instructions as well as ideas and recipe for delicious meals. We make it as easy as possible so that you can enjoy the benefits.

I don't like to cook. Will I be able to do this?

Absolutely! The meal plans are designed for each person and focus on ease and simplicity to make them accessible for all. A sample breakfast maybe be a smoothie with fruit, which just requires blending fruit, ice, and protein powder in a blender. A sample lunch would be grilled chicken with brown rice and vegetables (servings and timing will vary for each person due to customization).

If you do not wish to prepare it, you will surely be able to find a restaurant/deli/prepared section of a grocery store that will have these options available. Another example of a meal could be an omelet or a salad (each person’s a plan will specify what can be added to these). But in any case, these options are readily available as takeout should you not wish to prepare them.

Your plan will also provide you with recipes and ideas as well as cooking instructions should you want to try to make some of the meals. A benefit of doing a cleanse and changing your foods is that you may find that with our suggestions, preparing is a lot easier than you probably realized. You may find you enjoy the preparations and will take these new skills with you long after the cleanse is complete.

I am a picky eater. What if I don't like the food on my plan?

While every plan is different, the main differences lie in the way you combine the different food groups and their portion sizes. The variety of foods is quite vast, so there are definitely enough choices—even for the pickiest eaters.

I am glad everyone gets their own plan . . . but my husband and I are planning to do the cleanse together. Does that mean I will have to cook two separate meals and do different food shopping for each of us?

The differences in the plan are primarily in the amount of food, the timing of the meals, and how to combine the different foods together. The actual foods are not that different, so you would be able to still cook one meal and get the food together during your food shopping. An example of this may be that for dinner, your husband may need a large chicken breast with a half a cup of brown rice, two cups of vegetables, and an apple. Your plan may include a medium chicken breast with two cups of vegetables, and half of an avocado. You would just omit the brown rice and add the avocado or vice versa. The meals can still be made together, so you won’t spend extra time preparing separate meals.

I don’t have a blender, do I need to purchase one?

Shakes are great in a blender, however if you do not own one, you can simply mix the protein powder in water or almond/coconut milk in a shaker cup or regular glass. The protein powder is easily stirred into any beverage so a blander is not required. If your shakes calls for protein and fruit, instead of blending the fruit, you can drink your shake and eat a fruit on the side.

I see that some of the supplements that are used in my plan support detoxification organs like the liver. Why are they used and how do they help in helping me lose weight and feel better??

We are exposed to thousands of toxins every minute of every day, and our detoxification organs are constantly working to get rid of the toxins. Think for a moment of all the foods and drinks you have consumed over your lifetime. The amount could literally add up to tens of thousands of pounds. Even small percentages of toxins in our food and drink can add up to large amounts of toxins over time.

So if you’ve experienced weight gain, fatigue or difficulty sleeping, poor digestion, food cravings, reduced mental clarity, or low libido . . .Toxins can often contibute to those symptoms. As you read this, your body is making ammonia and carbon dioxide. These and other poisons are created by the workings of each cell, and it is the job of your liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, intestines, lungs, blood, and skin to filter and excrete these toxins from your body.

When overloaded, your body becomes inefficient . . . Just like a furnace with a clogged filter . . .

Therefore, we thoroughly evaluate all of your symptoms and your specific goals from your answers to our questionnaire. If toxins are playing a role in your ailments, we select the appropriate nutrients to help, so that you can finally lose weight and reach your exact goals.



My plan has fruits, protein and starches, but I don’t see any fats, does that mean I can’t consume fat? I thought good fat is healthy for you?

You are absolutely right, good fat is certainly healthy, however based on various metabolic factors, some do better with more fat while others do better with a bit less. Based on your type and goals, we identified that your body would do better with slightly less fat during this cleanse. What this means is that we do not recommend adding extra fat to your meals. With that said though, we have incorporated an average of about 9 grams of fat into our calculations that generally comes from other foods in typical meals such as some olive oil used in cooking and natural fat from even lean meats, fish and grains. For best results, we recommend that you use oils sparingly when cooking and dressings but you do not have to completely omit all fat as we calculated in the normal amount of fat in lean meals.

How strictly do I need to follow the times on my plan?

We strive to keep the times as close to your current schedule as possible, however if the timing of some of your meals is not optimal for your goals, we make suggestions for the best meal and snack times for you. For example, if you wrote down that you wake up at 6am but don’t have breakfast until 9am, we will suggest breakfast at 7am as having something within an hour of waking up is very important. By moving your breakfast earlier, we will also give you a snack between breakfast and lunch to make sure you are not hungry. The times are approximate of course, but staying with these times as much as possible will give you the best results

There is a meal example next to each of my meal recommendations. Is that the only thing I can eat?

Not at all! The food examples listed next to each meal and snack are there just as a sample for your reference. Please refer to the food key for options for every allowed starch, protein, fruit, fat and veggie and combine based on your recommendation. For example, if your plan says 1 starch, 1 protein, 1 fat - you can pick any starch with any protein and any fat from your food key to make your meal or snack. There are hundreds of possibilities and combinations so you will have plenty of delicious choices to enjoy!

My plan says that for one of my meals I get 1 Snack protein and 1 Meal protein and in the example it says 8 oz of chicken. Does this mean i need to have two different proteins?

We calculate the amount of protein, starch and fats based on various factors gather from your answers and recommend the exact amount that is best for each person. For some of our clients who may work out more or just need a higher calorie intake, certain meals are going to contain a little more. A regular meal protein is about 5 ounces and a snack protein is about 3 ounces so if you have both, it means that we recommend you get 8 ounces of protein in that meal. You do not have to have 2 different proteins (a meal protein and a snack protein individually) but can just increase the protein such as chicken that you are already having to 8 ounces for that meal.

Am I able to continue my workouts while on the program? Should I increase my food intake on days I am lifting weights?

In our questionnaire, we specifically ask about your workout frequency and weight lifting and adjust your plan for the appropriate calorie intake to support your physical activity. You can absolutely continue your workouts and there is no need to further adjust your foods, we did all the work for you!



How do I take the supplements? Should I follow the instructions on the bottles?

We customize the supplement instructions for every client based on the answers that you provided in the questionnaire. Your individual supplement instructions are printed and included in your package. All the information about your supplements and food plan is also posted under your account on our website. Simple go to www.mycustomcleanse.com/login to view your account where you can view and print all the information.


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