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Lymphomaniac by My Custom Cleanse, is a specially formulated tincture to fuel and support the lymphatic system which also aids your liver and gallbladder. The health and strength of your filter system is imperative for your whole body to work and feel its best.
The lymphatic system is a web of vessels that drain fluid and move waste through and out of the body. A sluggish lymphatic system contributes to a buildup of toxins which can results in sluggishness, brain fog, chronic infections, water retention and aches and pains just to name a few. Imagine walking around in ski boots when everyone else is wearing shoes. Lymphomaniac combines potent botanicals to help clean and support the lymphatic system while also providing the needed nutrients to help strengthen and support the liver and gallbladder for a truly synergistic approach. Together, these herbs promote proper fluid balance, immune regulation, bile stimulation and fat digestion. The herbs are gathered from the purest sources and the liquid form of this one of a kind formula allows for optimal absorption and assimilation.

During Cleanse: As directed by your custom program (please follow the instructions we provided you by mail and in your account).

For Further Detox Assistance: Take 2 droperfuls twice per day.  Lymphomaniac can be used for 30 days after a cleanse for extra detoxification. It can be repeated every 3 months or as needed thereafter.