Essential Base: Vanilla

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Vanilla Flavor

Essential Base is a truly delicious Dairy/Whey/Casein free protein powder. Finally something hypoallergenic which is not only good for you but actually tastes great!

Essential Base combines protein from peas, rice and pumpkin and naturally sweetened with stevia. It’s creamy and smooth and blends great in any beverage. It mixes easily in water or almond/coconut/rice milk for a smooth and creamy drink. On the go, simply mix with just a spoon, or in a shaker bottle, no blender required!. It’s also great in a blended smoothie with fruit of your choice.

Just as we all look different on the outside, we are also very different on the inside and that is why we emphasized customized health plans for each individual. Some people may benefit from more carbohydrates while others may need more fats or fiber. Essential Base allows you to add more fruit, nut butter, chia etc.. We love the versatility of this shake powder.

During Cleanse: As directed by your custom program (please follow your personal instructions found in your account)

As Maintenance: Blend 1 scoop in a smoothie with fruit and your favorite beverage or just simply mix 1 scoop in water, unsweetened almond or coconut milk. This works as a great breakfast or snack throughout the day