My Custom Cleanse on Pix 11

Nicole speaks about My Custom Cleanse on NYC morning news.

My Custom Cleanse: Strong to the Finish - HMAG

"I’ll get right to the point—I feel awesome, and it’s so much easier than it sounds."


My Custom Cleanse: The Ultimate Total Body - Hoboken Girl

"It’s best to leave it up to the professionals, and local ones at that. Introducing My Custom Cleanse,..."


"I thought rushing to the bathroom after dinner was normal and just a sign of my age."

"I thought feeling bloated and like there were rocks in my stomach was just the way my digestive system worked."

"I thought feeling sleepy at 3:30 in the afternoon was a sign that I should probably retire soon."

"Figuring out what I should and should not eat has made me feel more energetic, more even tempered, more comfortable in my own (15 lbs less) body."
J. M.

"My custom cleanse experience was great. I loved my quick and easy morning shake. Clean slate was a miracle worker. I never felt sick after eating and didn't bloat at all. I loved it :) I definitely see and feel results!"
A. A.

"I loooooooved the cleanse! I felt amazing, lost 7 lbs, and learned that I'm lactose intolerant. It was brilliant!"
S. A.

"I want to say THANK YOU to the MCC team! I really am considering redoing the cleanse- with the supplements once every two months or so. Although the break from some of my normal foods and combinations- has been and is tough, I also find that FEELING BETTER was it's own reward. I really successfully kicked my coffee habit. I used healthy herbal replacements and only use stevia and appropriate non-dairy 'creamers'. I think the supplements were very helpful and I intend to continue to use many of them. I feel like I can start to trust that SOMETHING will work. For years I have not been able to sustain any weight loss...I hope & trust these 6 pounds lost in these 2 weeks are the start of something good and solid. Having a lot of weight to lose can feel daunting, but I also feel more prepared. I am feeling better and when I have not eaten as clean- my mood and body feel it. I feel a spark to continue the plan."
J. M.

"It was great. I loved it. Super easy and I feel a difference. Not hungry at all but honestly I probably eat more now than I did before! I also see definition in my stomach"
D. P.

"The food part was perfect, I was not hungry in between meals and I loved the recipes you had on your website. I rarely eat sweet potatoes, but by roasting them with herbs they were really good, so I discovered some new things, same with The chili, I had never cooked one and I was really happy to see how easy and good it was, and my kids loved it too! I lost about 5 lbs in almost two weeks so I am really happy about that and I do feel more energized, I did lots of yoga and exercise, which I will keep on doing."
N. B.

"I have to tell you I am down 25 pounds and I feel great! Thank you so much for your shakes and belly buster and break it down! Anything else you can suggest for me to start I would love to try!"
M. A. F.

"I just want to let you know that I am FINALLY going to the bathroom!!!!! Taking all supplements as recommended - dose and time. Thanks again - U rock!!"

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