Our Story

We’re Inna and Alyssa, clinical nutritionists and owners of Complete Nutrition and Wellness in Hoboken, New Jersey. With nearly ten years of experience in clinical practice, we’ve helped thousands of patients:

  • Lose weight
  • Eradicate all types of digestive issues
  • Increase their energy
  • Clear up their skin
  • Balance their mood
  • Improve their immune system
  • Recover from various chronic diseases

We do this by addressing the whole body and getting to the root cause of health concerns through the use of natural means.

In our practice, we work as nutritional detectives, looking for answers to symptoms that most of our patients have been suffering with for a very long time. We use health histories, symptoms, dietary habits, and lifestyle choices, as well as a myriad functional testing to identify the areas that need nutritional support.

For our clients, this is an effective means to a successful outcome because we are able to find exactly what is needed to rebalance your biochemical pathways and therefore, your whole body.

We love using the most cutting-edge tools available to help get to the root of your health issues...

And then customize individual plans for your every need.

We see hundreds of patients each month—

So, trust us, we’ve seen it all—

And we’ve been working tirelessly to identify patterns and learn about what works for which conditions.

While we would love for everyone to come to see us, we don’t have the capacity to see more clients—our day can’t fit more people in!

We also understand that not everyone lives near us and can have time as well as budget for individual care.

We hated turning people away, so we thought about how we could help more people without losing the very important customization piece that makes all the difference.

My Custom Cleanse was born.

While creating the perfect program, we realized that it is was impossible for the plan to be the same.

Our bodies are all so different!

We put our minds together and were able to come up with highly specific questions that would allow us to get to know you and pinpoint exact areas that need support.

Only then could we customize the perfect program with a custom food plan and supplement combo for you.

And what’s more, the questionnaire can be done right here, right now—

Without the need and the expense of a personal consultation.

A custom program is more than just cutting out certain foods and taking general supplements.

While these things are certainly helpful, it is only the beginning.

We take our program much further because we apply our knowledge of complex biochemical pathways and the sequences of biological reactions and hormone fluctuations to be able to come up with a truly unique plan for each person.

We are really excited about what we’ve created, and we can’t wait to offer our personalized service to you.