Our Story

Inna and Alysa

We’re Inna Topiler & Alyssa Cellini, clinical nutritionists, and founders of a very busy private practice in Hoboken, NJ.

We’ve worked with thousands of clients and we noticed that too many people were doing one-size-fits-all cleanses before working with us. Which means most people were coming to us taking flawed vitamin combinations and eating all wrong for their body!

We could directly address this with our clients, but what about everyone who doesn’t know the wrong cleanse would be harmful to them?? This is why we built My Custom Cleanse. The first easily accessible, personalized cleanse company, that is the closest thing to sitting down with an experienced nutritionist while saving hundreds of dollars compared to coming in for an appointment.

We made sure our prices were similar (if not better) than the one-size-fits-all cleanses, so no one has to forfeit professional analysis due to affordability.

If you’re willing to change your lifestyle for 2 weeks, shouldn’t you be confident that what you’re doing is actually right for you? We think so!

We still run our busy private practice, and thanks to our awesome team- we are now building cleanses and shipping them to your neighbor’s doorstep, every day.

Even better, this cleanse doesn’t have to be a quick fix. Having your cleanse customized will show you what’s best for your long-term, so you can continue your unique food plan as long as you wish!

Your health motivates us. Your success stories continue to inspire us.

Build my cleanse!