Mood + Energy Booster

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Need a vacation? If some R&R is not in your near future, Our Mood + Energy Booster Kit provides the specific nutrients depleted by stress aiming to boost your natural energy, fuel your immune system, support hormones, and boost your mood.  Kit Duration – 2 weeks, however this combination can be used for several months and as needed for mood and energy support.

This vitality combo uses powerful B vitamins to refuel your tank and support what is lost due to our busy schedules. A special liquid form of vitamin D is added for superior absorption to help with mood, energy and immunity. Liver support nutrients top off this blend to keep your detoxification pathways clear and prevent taxing your body further.

Customized For: Anyone experiencing fatigue, especially after lunch and in the afternoon,  poor sleep, winter-blues, trouble waking up in the morning and anyone averaging less than 6 hours of sleep per night.

What To Eat: Our cleanse comes with an easy to follow food guide with over 100 delicious foods to enjoy. You can mix and match any of the foods to prepare easy meals and snacks. We make it easy with hundreds of cleanse friendly recipes available for you. We also recommend getting outside (in direct sunlight if possible) for at least 30 minutes per day, exercise/sweat or stretch/meditate for 10 or more minutes every day.

What you MUST avoid:  Wine, beer, champagne and follow our food guide for the 2 week duration of the program.