Bloated Girl Cleanse

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Does your belly feel like it expands as the day goes on? Tired of your pants fitting too tightly? And to top it off, if you can’t “go” every day, it only makes things worse because you hold on to toxins. So now you are bloated and toxic – Let’s fix this and get your tummy flat and feeling great again!  Cleanse Duration – 2 weeks

Our Bloated Girl Cleanse is a synergistic combination which works on 3 imperative functions. Daily bowel movements (this is done naturally and without pain or harm like many colon cleanses on the market), getting rid of bad bugs in your GI tract and properly breaking down the foods you are eating. Together this super combo helps eliminate bloat from bacterial overgrowth, food fermentation and stagnant digestion. We take care of all the nitty gritty details so your system is back on track.  Digestion isn’t glamorous…  but you are!

Customized For:  Anyone who does not move bowels daily or experiences “pebbled” stool which may feel incomplete.  Puffed-belly, especially after eating and later in the day.  Gas, indigestion, irregular bowel movements, history of antibiotic use and consumption of “diet” drinks.

What To Eat: Our cleanse comes with an easy to follow food guide with over 100 delicious foods to enjoy. You can mix and match any of the foods to prepare easy meals and snacks. We make it easy with hundreds of cleanse friendly recipes available for you. It is also important to drink 80+ oz of water a day. We also recommend warm water with juice from ½ fresh lemon first thing in the morning and after dinner. 

What you must avoid: Wine, Beer, Soda, Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners (Splenda, Sucralose), Onions, Cruciferous vegetables and follow our food guide for the 2 week duration of the cleanse.