Antibiotic Clean-Up

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There are times when we don’t have a choice and may need to take antibiotics, however its key to clean up the residual effects these medications unfortunately leave behind. Our Antibiotic Clean-Up is here to get you back to balance and prevent the consequences often associated with antibiotic use.  Cleanse Duration – 2 weeks.

While antibiotics help with bacterial infections, using them can leave your liver overworked and your gut bacteria depleted creating a breeding ground for Candida and other yeast/fungal infections. Without replenishing what was lost, your system may be more tired and at risk for more unpleasant side effects. Our Clean Up works to flush out toxins left behind, kill off unnecessary yeast and rebuild your good bacteria to make your insides happy again.  

Customized For: Anyone that recently used antibiotics or has a history of prolonged antibiotic use, sleep issues, headaches, heartburn and bloating, frequent belching, diarrhea or constipation, hives and food sensitivities.

What To Eat: Our cleanse comes with an easy to follow food guide with over 100 delicious foods to enjoy. You can mix and match any of the foods to prepare easy meals and snacks. We make it easy with hundreds of cleanse friendly recipes available for you. We also recommend drinking 8 or more oz or warm water with juice squeezed from ½ fresh lemon 2 times per day.

What you MUST avoid:  Wine, beer, champagne, yeast (bread), sugar (candy), fermented foods, mushrooms, onions, garlic and follow our food guide for the 2 week duration of the cleanse.